Saturday, February 7, 2009


"Battling" cancer.

Why do we say this I wonder. People who have lurches in fortune to develop and then then survive this god-awful disease are praised as tough fighters. This must make those who find themselves slowly spiralling downwards feel even worse - unworthy and weak.

I think we cling to this notion of mentally fighting cancer because we can't bear the thought of something so appalling being completely beyond our control. "It could never happen to me - I would do something about it"

It's a regrettable delusion - arrogant and ultimately selfish - it is futile and worse still it's of harm to others.

This selfish arrogance puts me in mind of the palliative care movement's attitude to euthanasia - the same sin but to a much more serious degree. Upon said movement I wish the burden of disregard.

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