Saturday, November 14, 2009

That's my Wonderful Town

When I first came to the UK, aeons ago, people would often spot my accent and ask where I came from. (The accent was clearly colonial, but to English ears hard to determine if it was Australian, South African or New Zealander).

On explaining that I was from Australia I would always be asked - "Oh, which city?" - which was a pointless question as most people here might be able to point to Sydney, Melbourne or perhaps Perth, but they would hardly have heard of Hobart - which is in effect a far flung medium sized country town.

Or so I thought.

Again and again I would get a snippet of terribly sung "Hobart, Tasmania - that's my wonderful town" followed by laughter.

Eventually I worked out that a London DJ had stumbled upon a cringingly provincial jingle from a pissant Hobart radio station. This had been played and guffawed over for many weeks, perfectly understandable as it is hilariously bad.

This clip, stolen from YouTube, has the jingle in all its glory - along with suitable footage.

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Bean said...

Brilliant! That IS my town