Monday, December 21, 2009


Paintballing - one gets dragged along to it for stag dos and such.

A colleague once complained that in a match he was hiding behind a tree - stepped out for just a second - and bap-bap-bap three balls across the chest, inches apart.

He had fallen foul of that most dubious of creatures, a guy who loves paintball so much that they buy their own gun and bring it along.

Hire paintball guns are invariably tired and ping balls off quite slowly with curving trajectories. A good one will shoot straight, fast and hard - still, in essence, it's a waterpistol. Look at this (believe it or not, it's a paintball gun):

Sweet Jesus, some people are deluded.

Hey, RAP4 Phantom guy - this is you:

Shock and awe.

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